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A place for collaborations between professionals who are curious about common issues

Do better together

Commonplace is an impact organisation built on relationships. We leverage the power of communities to create and sustain positive change.

Create an impact

We are a community of researchers, digital experts, designers & strategists. We bring together our unique skill-sets to deliver customised outputs. 

Build conscious futures 

We share a vision for inclusive and sustainable futures. We curate our projects in a way that moves us towards this vision. 

We work on socially and environmentally responsible projects.


Our goal is to create knowledge commons for the global South through a platform where information exchange takes place in an organic and inclusive manner.

If you have an idea,
we can make it happen. 

We know that creating change requires more than intention. We go beyond traditional approaches and take the invisible differences into account. Our understanding of what moves people, lets us create solutions that work. 

Our Clients

Who we are 

From systems designers to health ethnographers, our team has them all. 

Bring us your problem


We engage in long-term research enquiries to understand social issues. 


We work with organisations to identify the right problem. 


We develop solutions using our research and design skills.


We implement solutions integrated with the target ecosystem.

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