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Our Services


We are engaged in long-term research enquiries to recognize the right problems to address. This primarily includes research around health and wellbeing, social inequality, livelihoods and gender, climate change, and the interlinkage and overlaps between these focus areas in an evolving technological world. 

1. We build interdisciplinary knowledge repositories on issues of concern particularly focused on digital livelihoods, gender, social inequality and climate change.

2. We build and curate open-access toolkits on design, research, digital access, and systems-thinking for community organizers and local practitioners.

Core functionaries:  

Systems thinker / Behavioral Designer / Gender Specialist / Anthropologist

We know that creating change requires more than intention. We go beyond traditional approaches and take the invisible differences into account. Our understanding of what moves people, lets us create solutions that work.


1. We conduct primary qualitative research using techniques of both anthropology and human-centred design to understand lived experiences of the target groups; further translating our insights into actionable potential solutions. 

2. We interview practitioners, users, advocacy groups, and administrators to understand the given problem area through a systemic lens.

3. We bring user experiences to life through workshops with identified target groups and stakeholders, articulating insights that are relevant across stakeholder-levels.

4. We work with organizations to demarcate the areas they are looking to address and the right team to support their solutions.

Core functionaries:  

UX Designer / Systems thinker/ Behavioral Designer / Gender Specialist / Ethnographer


We co-create solutions with target communities.

1. We design targeted solutions and innovate systems for identified problem-areas, working in close association with those most-affected by the our solutions

2. We incubate with teams, bringing them in-house to work with us and articulate pathways towards their goals. 

3. We scale existing in-house solutions developed by organization to resolve new problems in a cost-effective and measurable way.

Core functionaries: Systems Designer / Gender Specialist / Digital Expert / Media and Communication Strategist / M&E Expert


We create actionable implementation plans integrated within the ecosystem in which we are working.


1. We prototype our solutions in-house; our design studio brings concepts to life with scenario-modelling for differing programme objectives and implementation realities.

2. We provide design validation by conducting experience and usability assessments of our solutions with end-users and/or service providers.

3. We help build the path to market for a product/solution; including knowledge documentation, test plans, material sourcing, value-chain integration and partnerships.

​Core functionaries: 

Product Designer / Systems Designer / Behavioral Design Researcher/ Gender Specialist / Digital Expert / Media and Communication Strategist / M&E Expert

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