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Kapil Vachhar is a transdisciplinary designer and researcher. Kapil has 10+ years of experience working in international development, information technology, healthcare and news media. Through his projects he has gained expertise in rural and urban development; chiefly in health systems and service delivery. Some of the major projects he has led have been for global donors, media houses and organisations like BMGF, USAID, Reckitt, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Ford Foundation, Royal Bank of Canada, PagerDuty, WWE, Campbells, CBC Radio, National Post, Novartis, AARP, UCB, Toronto Star and Prudential.

Kapil has been applying a mix of ethnography and design research to understand how social risks lead to vulnerability in women, children and young couples in South-Asia, towards building new cultures of care. His projects have won international awards including gold at the prestigious MM&M Awards in New York. He also received multiple public art grants from the Government of Alberta (Canada).

Kapil Vachhar

Director, Co-founder
Kapil Vachhar
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