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Ranjani Tavargeri is a Visual Communication Designer and Artist. She studied Visual Communication at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. With a focus in illustration, animation and storytelling, Ranjani uses her skills to arm her audience with the tools and education needed to make informed decisions. Some of her recent work has been for global donors and NGOs such as BMGF, Swasti Health Catalyst, Girl Effect, Lirneasia, PCI Global, Pathfinder International and John Snow Inc.

Ranjani works with the themes of gender, women’s health and upliftment in the Indian context with an intention to enable women and girls to have better access to resources. She seeks to create rich and relatable material through a compassionate and empathetic approach to storytelling, when dealing with sensitive issues.

Ranjani Tavargeri

Resident Artist (Visual)
Ranjani Tavargeri
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